Wedding Story of Kelly + Jeandre

28th April 2017

Jeandre and Kelly are one of the most amazing couples I have ever had the privilege of shooting. A little while ago both Kelly and Jeandre set off on separate solo  adventures and both by chance ended up in Florida together in the middle of it. Jeandre originally from South Africa and Kelly from Ireland met while working in Florida and I know for a fact it was “love at first sight”. Nothing has changed there as there love is still as strong and as passionate as if it were the very first day they met! Life brought them the best gift in the birth of their little son Joshua and shortly before  his birth they made the move home to Ireland. Jeandre is the most romantic and passionate man I have ever encountered and Kelly the most easy going bride I have ever met!

Their wedding day was filled with so much love and light and it was am honour to be able to capture their special day! Thanks so much Kelly and Jeandre! x


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