‘Feckin Workshop’

Camp Beach- Kerry

Ever had a day (or in this case two) that inspired you?Pushed you? Motivated you and encouraged you to be the best version of yourself? If you have , then I am sure you can understand what the last two days in Kerry were like for me so. As photographers, and as general human beings too actually, it’s important to keep learning. It’s important to keep pushing yourself and developing your passion. And it was for this reason I travelled to a little village in Kerry called Camp to take part in a Workshop hosted by some of the most amazing human, Kate, Sean and Maciej.

I arrived early Wednesday morning with a fire in my belly and an eagerness to learn and it wasn’t long until we got stuck into the nitty gritty of running a business with an exceptionally inspiring talk from Kate and Sean. This was one of the most honest, raw and completely inspiring talks about the highs and lows of business ( and life) I have heard to date. As a photographer I soaked up all the information and as a person I ma incredibly proud of Kate for speaking with such honesty, passion and confidence! Speaking with such skill isn’t easy and like I already said- Be Proud my friend! You rocked it!

Then Maciej (Magic) Man spoke to us about his work and gave us an honest insight into how he shoots, edits and delivers to clients! We hopped onto a bus and headed up to do some shooting in the Kerry Mountains, learning and listening to Maciej as he walked through a typical shoot with us!

Then …friendships formed! And by that I mean we all gathered in the local and chatted over some Creamy Guinness and Gin and Tonic! I got to relax, unwind and catch up with old friends and connect with new people. Minutes turned into hours and it wasn’t long until the “last Orders ” were called in the bar! It didn’t stop us though and with a short hop, skip and a jump we were heading to the beach for a midnight (early morning ) paddle! One Beach, 15 photographers one lit by the moon and a whole lot of laughter and craic! Early morning soon rolled around and the sun was begining to rise as my head hit the pillow .

You see thats what life is made for isn’t it? Connections, friendships , times when nights turn into morning and people who start as strangers but end as best friends! Life is made of moments of connection and being around great people!

I often speak about how I really believe that everything in life happens for a reason. Small little moments over the course of a few years brought great friendship, great connecting and it brought us the Feckin Workshop and for all those tiny moments that have made up the Big picture between so many people, I am beyond grateful!

The last two days have been seriously amazing, filled with inspiration , hope, love and connection! I drove to Kerry not knowing what to expect and I left full of hope, passion , determination and most of all a whole heap of new connections , and deeper roots with other friends! I am ready to take everything I’ve learnt and able it and be the best I can be!

Thank You Sean and Kate and Maciej ! I am beyond greatful! Thank you for your life! X



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