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For me wedding photography is about telling a story of two individuals who have come from separate pasts and because of this it has formed them in the people they are now and brought them to this very day- how special is that?

I approach all my weddings as a storyteller rather than a wedding photographer. As a storyteller, it means that I love to capture your day exactly how it unfolds, yet equally understand how important those all elusive family/group photos are. Your day, your story is the most important thing to me.

Tilted Tripod- Weddings, Award Winning Photographer with a passion for capturing the day as it happens, minute by minute, hour by hour, from hugs to kisses and tears to smiles, it’s my passion for capturing all of the magic moments and inbetween moments  that make your wedding day a day you’ll cherish forever.

I enjoy working in the background and capturing the raw, natural emotion of a wedding day. Really, I take an informal, relaxed but realistic approach to a wedding, allowing the couple to remember it, exactly how it was.

A true romantic at heart, I am a sucker for a great love story and I count myself desperately lucky that I get to tell people’s love stories with my pictures. My passion for capturing stories will be evident in the pictures I create as I love connecting with couples over a pint or two before the big day because it’s important to me that they feel comfortable with me.I interact with their families and friends so I fit in as if I was always around. Why does this help? Because the more comfortable you are with me, the more natural your photos will be and the more your love with shine .

Let me tell your wedding Story.

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